"He who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his own" (Goethe)

Be more confident - you can do more than ask where the station is or gesture wildly while shouting at the locals. Combine your modern language skills with a cultural tour, perhaps Art History or Wine Tasting? 

Enjoy watching films in other languages, without the sub-titles! Immerse yourself for a few hours a month in another language and culture and expand your linguistic horizons! Take an alternative holiday, with the aim of improving your language skills, perhaps combined with a cookery course or a visit to historical sites. Take the children and stand back while they master a foreign tongue without even trying - unlike all that slogging through French homework! Discover the freedom of communication and broaden your horizons in perfect harmony.

Potential Themes

    • Informal conversation
    • Literature
    • Cultural tours

  • Food and cookery
  • Writing in a foreign language
  • Language for business

  • Art and architecture
  • Travel writing and journalism

Modern Languages

Improve your language skills and expand your cultural horizons

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