"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." (Marcus Garvey)

Is there a period which fascinates you or are you curious to know what melting pot of circumstances brought about great events and changed the course of history?  

Can we ever really learn from the past, or is each and every story a cataclysm of so many smaller events that we could never predict the outcome, even if faced with similar circumstances today? For millennia we have sought to know our ancestors and how they survived to make our world possible. 

Explore changing territories, analyse great battles and invasions and discover how the most seemingly trivial events changed the course of history.  Meet the great players as well as the lesser known heroes and villains who all played their part. Consider how views of historical figures have evolved with changing perspectives and cultural norms. Contemplate and discuss whether it is ever right to redact historical figures as our views change – should the statue of Cecil Rhodes have been torn down? Should every painting or musical composition reflecting a culture we no longer find acceptable be destroyed, or should such histories serve to remind us why, and how, we have changed.

Potential Themes

  • The history of the Roman Empire
  • Romanovs and Revolution

  • Reformation and Restoration
  • The Templar Knights

  • Great people in history
  • Battles that changed history


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