"Literature becomes the living memory of a nation." (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Go back to the origins of English writing in the Anglo Saxon period or study Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare, the corner stones of modern English Literature.

Revisit or discover the great classics. Analyse and debate. Consider the historical contexts of the text as well as the lives of the authors. Express your own ideas in literary forms or write essays and develop your creative writing skills. Receive critical feedback or simply get together and discuss the books you have read and love, guided by an expert.

Study literature from other cultures or travel abroad and document your experiences as a journalist. 

Have you found yourself baffled by poetry or inspired but wanting to gain a deeper understanding with the help of an expert? Have you tried to write poetry yourself and felt unable to express your feelings using the music and rhythm of language? Read, discuss, analyse, critique and write poetry. Lose yourself in a world of words. Perhaps go on a pilgrimage to the home of a beloved poet and learn about the lives, and loves, of those exceptional writers.

Potential Themes

  • Shakespeare!
  • Poetry and plays
  • The poetry of war

  • The great American novel
  • Rediscover the classics
  • Epic works

  • Favourite authors
  • Critical analysis
  • Creative writing

Find yourself in a world of words

"Poetry is life distilled" Gwendolyn Brooks

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