A virtuous circle of social interaction and learning

Face to face learning

Countless studies have shown that face to face learning is the most efficient way to learn and more importantly, to understand. 

Whether it is the non-verbal clues that we all use to communicate and empathise or the dynamic relationship between fellow students and teachers as they reflect, challenge and collaborate on topics, there is little doubt that as sociable beings, we learn better together.

It's not surprising then that schools and universities have been using the tutorial group model for centuries!


Mental health & wellbeing

Apart from being a great way to learn, there is a wealth of evidence to support the importance of lifelong learning and connecting with other people to build self-confidence, self-esteem and mental resilience.

The NHS summarises a simple 5 step model to help improve mental health and wellbeing:

Connect: with people around you and spend time developing these relationships

Be active: find an activity that you enjoy.  Its not just about going to the gym!

Keep learning: learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and new confidence

Give to others: however small or large, giving time or your resources will improve your mental wellbeing 

Be mindful: be aware of the present to positively change the way you approach life and its challenges


Sociable Learning helps people learn whilst improving their mental health and wellbeing in a fun and relaxed environment

Enrich lives through Sociable Learning

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