Tailor made courses for curious people

Bringing together likeminded people to explore subjects of their choosing with a passionate expert

Our Courses

Flexible and wide range of over 40 courses including astronomy, art history, literature, philosophy, wine tasting, magic tricks and many more!

Delivered by one of our passionate experts, face to face and at a convenient time and location.

Corporate Clients

Enlightened and authentic employee engagement programmes providing a practical solution to improving mental health and wellbeing. 

Develop a more confident, creative and collaborative workforce through convenient and fun lifelong learning.

    Our Knowledge Network

    Our handpicked, talented and passionate tutors include teachers, magicians, artists, actors, broadcasters, playwrights and masters of wine (to name a few!)

    They bring their subject to life with face to face tutorials, podcasts, activities, trips and events.

      A Simple Process

      Help us to create a tailor made and convenient course for you and your group

      Your Curious Vitae

      Browse our courses and simply add the ones that you like to your own myCV page.

      Inspire us with your own ideas or themes that you would particularly like to focus on.  Or just leave it to us! 


      Tell us where you would like to meet - perhaps in your own home, your office or a nearby cafe?

      Our courses can be delivered before, during or after the working day. Your tutor will fit in with your busy lifestyle.

      Tailor Made

      Our tutors adapt their style and knowledge to create a bespoke course for you and the group.

      There is no set curriculum, nor any exams.  Sociable Learning is for everyone and just for fun!

        Your Course

        Share ideas, debate and grow your knowledge with a one hour face to face tutorial per week.

        Watch films, read books, listen to podcasts; visit museums and galleries together in your group or in your own time.

        Course Characteristics

        Curious Vitae courses are bespoke and will vary in style, level and duration


        Critical analysis, creative writing, presentations and debate.


        Tutor led and informal, focused on discussion and exchanging ideas.


        Centred around practical activities, debates, trips and events.


        Corporate Programmes
        Harness the power of Sociable Learning in your organisation

        Create an innovative

        and enlightened employee
        engagement programme

        Tailored to the needs of
        your colleagues and the

        Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business.

        Ian Hutchinson

        Our handpicked tutors will inspire and educate, giving you confidence, knowledge and a desire to continue learning.

        The more you know, the more you don’t know.



        Share your knowledge; build your own business

        Complement a flexible lifestyle
        with Sociable Learning

        Design your own courses and
        bring your subject to life


        Work With Us

        Alongside our independent tutors we work closely with charities, universities, societies and commercial enterprises to promote and deliver Sociable Learning

        Keep Learning and Connect: A unique and innovative solution to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
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        Keep Learning and Connect: A unique and innovative solution to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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