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Tailor made and convenient Sociable Learning for curious people

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Browse our wide range of ideas for tailor made, sociable courses including literature, music, wine and astronomy; magic tricks, art history, philosophy and many more!

Delivered by one of our passionate experts, face to face and at a convenient time and location.

Corporate Clients

Sociable Learning is an innovative, low cost and high impact way to engage with your employees; learning for fun, together in the office!

Develop a more confident, creative and collaborative workforce; break down silos and hierarchies.

    Our Knowledge Network

    From teachers to playwrights, actors to wine experts; magicians, PhD students and artists; our knowledge network is growing every day. Come and join us!

    Our talented tutors bring their subject to life whilst building their business through Curious Vitae.

      Step 1: Consultation & Planning

      We discuss your needs and objectives as an organisation, getting to know more about the teams when considering the best way to design the programme. 

      For example, would you like to bring existing teams closer together or improve cross team collaboration? Perhaps compressing the hierarchy or bringing front and back offices together?

      You may prefer to leave us to put the groups together.

      Step 2: Employee Insights

      Using our website and course ideas as inspiration, your employees build their own Curious Vitae.

      We prepare an Employee Insights Report to map the demand across your organisation. This gives us a blueprint from which to design the programme as well as a fascinating insight into personal development interests and objectives. 

      Step 3: Programme Development

      We prepare an initial profile for each course and invite a short list of potential tutors and commercial partners from our network to submit a course proposal.

      We select the most appropriate tutor and they design a bespoke course.

      The programme and course outlines are agreed and all commercial terms are finalised.

      Step 4: Roll out

      Each student receives an email from their tutor including all of the necessary information for their tutorial programme, detailing any pre-course work as well as timing and logistics.

      Courses begin!

      Step 5: Feedback, Rating & Review.

      Our priority is to deliver high quality courses for our clients, using the most engaging and passionate experts.

      The courses evolve over time and we seek constant feedback from both students and tutors to help us maintain these high standards.  

      Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business.

      Ian Hutchinson

      Our handpicked tutors will inspire and educate, giving you confidence, knowledge and a desire to continue learning.

      The more you know, the more you don’t know.



      Share your knowledge; build your own business

      Complement a flexible lifestyle
      with Sociable Learning

      Design your own courses and
      bring your subject to life


      Work With Us

      Alongside our independent tutors we work closely with charities, universities, societies and commercial enterprises to promote and deliver Sociable Learning

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