"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." (Thomas Merton)

Which of us does not want to know more about the great artists and their life stories? Would you like to go to a gallery and understand more about the paintings which inspire you? Tired of being told what to think? Then decide for yourself! 

See and study key works of art or view great events through the eyes of Leonardo or Picasso. Get to grips with Jackson Pollock or look at the Unmade Bed through new eyes. Understand the cultural shift which changed the way we think about and value art, from the aesthetic ideal of beauty embodied in Greek and Roman classical art to the concept of originality and meaning reflected in modern artworks.

Discover the implications of political shifts and globalism for the art world. How recognition of female artists or the legacy of colonialism influences and alters our preconceptions about art. Enter a philosophical and moral debate over a painting which depicts or glorifies something we no longer find acceptable. Perhaps these paintings serve as an important reminder of who and what we are, even if we don’t like to admit it!

Expand your artistic horizons as we have done globally.  Study ceramics, textiles, mosaics and sculptures. Study ancient Chinese porcelain, tribal art or the Bayeux Tapestry and delve into the stories and lives behind them.

Combine art with music, architecture, anthropology and discover how it is all connected. Take a tour of our wonderful galleries, or go further afield to Florence or St Petersburg, guided by an expert tutor, adding a new dimension to your visit and breathing life into the art works you see.

Discover the chemistry of paint, the science of colour and see how great paintings are restored. Go behind the scenes to the politics behind the paintings, the feuds between the great art houses and the revelations of fakes. Are they still great works in their own right?

Potential Themes

  • The Essential Collection
  • Religion in art
  • A journey through the history of art
  • Colonialism and art
  • Art and music
  • Great artists – their lives and works
  • The human story
  • Art and anthropology
  • Social and cultural diversity,  art’s changing narrative

Meet the artists

Time to surrender yourself to the wonderful world of art!

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