“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Benjamin Franklin)

Do you have budding philosophers, artists, astronomers or wine connoisseurs in your business? Anyone keen to brush up on their Shakespeare, Hardy or Austen?  Perhaps get to grips with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Balkan wars?

How does history and religion explain some of the modern world challenges? Do you know your Zeus from your Jupiter? Perhaps start the day with some Tai Chi and Mandarin?

For our overseas friends, maybe learn more about British culture and comedy and who wouldn’t love to amaze the kids with a few magic tricks?  

Sociable Learning in the office? Why not? 

Large or small, simple or complex, your business is your people and finding ways to bring them together in a relevant, fun and engaging way on a regular basis is a constant challenge for senior management. 

Imagine your organisation as a vibrant university of lifelong learning and give your colleagues the chance to learn something that they are genuinely interested in, just for an hour a week.

Enlightened Engagement

Sociable Learning is a low cost, high impact way to engage with your teams

Demand Led

Each of your employees create their own Curious Vitae which we use to capture and consolidate the demand and then arrange courses that they have chosen.

Tailor Made

Tutors tailor the structure and format of the course to meet your employees' needs and can address other development objectives such as improving presentation skills and forming critical arguments.

Quality Guarantee

All of our tutors and commercial partners are interviewed, evaluated and referenced. 

We seek constant feedback to ensure the highest quality service to our clients.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Sociable Learning creates a virtuous circle of learning and social interaction which in turn breeds self-confidence and self-esteem.  

Include Sociable Learning within a wider Mental Health and Wellbeing programme.


Break down hierarchies and silos by building deeper relationships across your organisation.

Our courses encourage collaboration and debate, listening to and challenging alternative perspectives, working and learning together as a team.

Continuous Support

An hour a week or fortnight is a small investment to make in personal development, however tutors are available throughout the course in person or on-line in case anyone misses a tutorial.

We provide a one stop shop service including course development and logistical support for both tutors and clients.

Invest in your most precious asset

  • Create an innovative and demand led employee engagement experience
  • Tailored to the needs of your colleagues and the organisation 
  • Gain deeper insights into your colleagues' interests and motivations
  • Develop a more confident, articulate, creative and collaborative workforce
  • Strengthen teams or create new informal networks outside of the existing hierarchy and silos
  • Demonstrate commitment to personal as well as professional development
  • Provide a practical solution to improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Try before you buy with trial courses ahead of a wider programme roll out across the organisation
  • Quality control, administration and support provided by Curious Vitae

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