“Our whole life is solving puzzles” (Ernno Rubik)

For those of us who have not chosen a career in this field, it is a relief to be beyond the reach of Pythagoras and pie! Or is it?

Do we wish we had paid more attention, recognising now the relevance of such things in every day life? Do we find ourselves deeply satisfied when solving puzzles in the papers and wanting to push on to greater challenges, or do we find ourselves stumped and wishing we could unlock the answers but with no idea how? Is there a method? Can you learn with practice? Or is it natural intuition?

Would you find it fun to go back to the drawing board, and refresh your mental maths skills or journey through time to understand how the first mathematicians came to think about numbers.

Practise simple puzzles and train your brain to work faster and more confidently. Learn the game of chess, how to anticipate your opponent’s next move and understand why you need to be good at maths to win at cards! Maybe you are better at some of these things than you think! 

Potential Themes

  • Everyday maths
  • Great mathematicians and their discoveries
  • The origin of zero

  • How to play chess
  • Cryptic crosswords
  • Puzzles and problems – method or madness?

  • Card games
  • Sudoku and other number games
  • History and evolution of maths

Maths, Puzzles and Problem solving

Give your brain a work out

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