Published: Feb 13, 2018

Lifelong Learning

Welcome to a new way to enjoy lifelong learning; expand your horizons, quench your thirst for knowledge, share your interests with like-minded people and be inspired by a passionate expert. Welcome to Curious Vitae.

A Curricula Vitae is something you will be familiar with - a universally accepted record of your educational prowess, professional qualifications and work experience.  All valuable because these are the things you need to do and show that you have done in order to enjoy a fulfilling career.

But there is so much more to your life than past studies and previous jobs.  You have interests beyond your professional world, but they are hard to explore within the context of busy lives and family commitments.  So how do you pursue these interests before the kids leave home, you win the lottery, or you retire?!

Well, whilst building your Curriculum Vitae or "the course of life", we think you should also develop your Curious Vitae and lead a “curious life” and the sooner the better.  Start your journey here!

What is Curious Vitae?

Curious Vitae is a new twist on a tried and tested concept - the tutorial group.  We call it Sociable Learning. 

Schools and universities have been using tutorial groups for centuries, simply because face to face interaction is the best way to learn.  We make it more accessible in a public or corporate environment by bringing small groups of curious people together with a passionate expert (someone who really knows what they are talking about!) to your place of work, home or nearby café.  Meet as often as you like, work as much as you like, agree or disagree, discuss, challenge and try new things, get out of your comfort zone and grow – but in a convenient and fun way.

From lifestyle courses such as wine tasting, magic, card games and photography to academic studies from anthropology to art history; music to maths, or philosophy to physics, there is something for everyone.  Our courses are demand-led so we can create something to suit you even if you don’t find it on our site.  The possibilities are endless and all through the power of Sociable Learning. 

Simply register an account, browse our courses for inspiration and build your own Curious Vitae.  We do the rest.

What is Sociable Learning?

Sociable Learning is at the heart of everything we do.  Numerous studies have found that face-to-face works best when trying to learn and understand, and it is an altogether more enjoyable experience to learn as you socialise with others with similar interests.

That is why our courses are designed with social interaction in mind, combining academic debates, tutor-led conversations and practical workshops with reading, watching films, and listening to podcasts as your tutor enlightens you and brings the subject to life.    

Can't I just work it out on my own?

You can of course, there are on-line courses and any number of websites providing information, but the atrocious fall out rates of on-line courses tell us that for many people it is a lonely old struggle and the finish line is rarely reached.  We are not about exams or recognition, we are about learning for its own sake and the pleasure of sharing that experience with likeminded people.  

We also believe it is important to have your perspectives challenged, particularly by people who know a little more than you do, so deepening your knowledge and understanding with the support of an expert is essential.    

Employee Engagement and Corporate Personal Development

Corporate culture can sometimes develop into a rigid and restrictive environment, focused on figures and targets rather than the growth and personal development of the core members of a team.  Of course, professional development is a given in any workplace, but we believe that providing colleagues with the opportunity for personal development as well demonstrates enlightened thinking with huge benefits for both the individual and the organisation.  Sociable Learning builds knowledge, but also develops critical thinking and creativity, improves collaboration, challenges presentation and debating skills and can boost overall morale and self-confidence.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “learning never exhausts the mind,” and we are inclined to agree.  In fact, learning, just for the love of learning, without the stress of set curriculums and exams, is incredibly beneficial to mental health and wellbeing.  Doing it with other people is even better.

Enriching. Engaging. Enlightening.

With so much to offer the inquisitive mind, at Curious Vitae we are excited about your potential! So, stay tuned and keep checking back as new course ideas are added and see what others are up to.  Alternatively, get in touch to learn more and let us help you start to lead your curious life.

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