"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." (Vincent Van Gough)

Do you love the natural world, but feel disconnected from it? Are you fascinated by nature in all its forms and wish you could know more? Are you continually amazed and inspired by Sir David Attenborough and the phenomenal photography which brings the world of nature into our living rooms? Would you like to go on guided walks to appreciate the wonders of the country side and learn about nature on your doorstep? Or would you like to go further afield and follow the progress of a species you care about? 

Learn about conservation and the desperate mission to protect our most endangered species. Understand the path to extinction and consider and discuss the programmes of reintroduction of species into their habitat. Become an expert on birds, butterflies, wildflowers. Discover connections between different species around us and the inescapable human impact.

Gain a deeper understanding of the facts surrounding Global Warming and changing habitats. Find out how you can help and make a difference. Maybe you just love to be surrounded by nature and want to share that experience with others like you. Whatever it may mean to you, go on a journey with our experts into our natural world.

Potential Themes

  • Evolution
  • Big cats
  • Wildlife walks

  • Birds
  • Flora and fauna
  • Flowers in medicine and herbal remedies

  • Conservation
  • Changing habitats  - human v animal
  • The ice cap and the environment – Global Warming

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