"The doors of wisdom are never shut." (Benjamin Franklin)

Genetics, health and medicine, technology, industry, human behaviour, environment, politics, ethics. Understand the science and join the conversation.

Study basic anatomy, discover the inner workings of your body and how to stay mentally and physically healthy. Is your personality down to your DNA or your environment?

Understand the chemical compositions of everything around you and how this knowledge may change the way you shop. Discover how marketing and packaging may disguise the basic chemical composition of household items. Remember, salt, is salt! Go further and experiment. Who did not enjoy exploding potassium in the lab? Now do it without the pressure of exams and understand its relevance in our every day life.

Go back to basics with physics. Remember how to make a battery, complete a circuit and remind yourself of Newton’s laws of motion. How have these scientific discoveries shaped our modern world and how will they continue to do so? 

Join the conversation on climate change, nuclear weapons, global food shortages and flooding. Politics, economics and philosophy are all informed by science. If we wish to make informed decisions about our own lives or find solutions to practical problems, we need to understand science. 

Potential Themes

  • Biology – the human body
  • Science and ethics
  • Climate change and the environment

  • Everyday chemistry 
  • Everyday physics – what makes the world go round?
  • Can you make a battery? Science and survival.

Explore science

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