"Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everybody else." (Margaret Mead)

How is our culture, language, religion and family dynamic explained by our physiology, genetic make-up and diet?

Consider how the study of anthropology can help us to understand other cultures and impact upon our attitude towards education, politics and religion. For example, discover how a study by James Cowles Prichard (1786–1848) contributed to the abolition of slavery and brought about a dramatic change in racial classification.

Study artefacts, conduct research, go on a guided tour of a museum or take a trip further afield, accompanied by an expert.  Or simply read together, watch films and discuss this fascinating subject which teaches us about ourselves, and what makes us human.

Potential Themes

  • From the beginning:  the human journey
  • Religion and witchcraft - part of every human culture?
  • Migration:  why do humans travel? Does migration build or diminish tolerance?

  • Food and nutrition: the culture of eating!
  • Ethnography  -  how is our identity informed by our biological blueprint?
  • Globalisation - how does anthropology help us with modern day issues?

  • Civilisations - what makes us civilised?
  • Law and jurisprudence - why every culture and community needs law
  • Anthropology and architecture - why our buildings tell us about the way we live

Study Anthropology

Find out what it means to be human

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