How to become an Approved Tutor

Approved Tutor Process

Follow the link below to Register as a Tutor

Provide your personal and professional details including your range of subjects, preferred level, style, timing and travel arrangements

Provide a short personal statement

Attach your CV and any other supporting documentation (e.g. DBS certificates / references)

Subject to our initial review, we will contact you to arrange an interview and a reference check

Following a successful interview and having completed your reference check we will invite you to join our network as an Approved Tutor

Next steps

We prepare a detailed course request

We send the requests to relevant Approved Tutors who respond with a course proposal including structure, timing and costs

We work closely with the client to select the preferred tutor

As your agent, we prepare a Tuition Services Agreement (TSA) based on our standard terms

Tutors prepare all course material and deliver the course according to the TSA

We provide all administration and support services. We also gather regular feedback from both tutors and students to maintain the highest quality of service

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