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We are currently looking for experienced, knowledgeable and passionate experts in their field who would like to complement their existing careers or commitments with a flexible, fun and financially rewarding opportunity with Curious Vitae.  Your deep knowledge and experience combined with an infectious energy and enthusiasm will bring the subject to life for your clients, ensuring an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable experience for all.

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Use your knowledge and experience to complement existing careers or family commitments.


Why become a tutor with Curious Vitae?

Our tutors are looking for alternative ways to use their knowledge and experience to complement their existing careers or family commitments. They are well paid, earning multiple times a normal hourly rate for a child’s tutor and are not constrained by curriculum or exam preparation, ensuring they are free to design a course that suits their knowledge, experience and teaching style as long as it fits with the requirements of our clients.

Most importantly, we provide you with an opportunity to build your own business. Our close monitoring, rating and review model ensures honest and regular feedback that will attract new clients whilst building your brand and reputation.

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Start building your own business today. Register, tell us about yourself and the subject that you are passionate about and how you would bring it to life. 

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