"...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing." (Julia Child)

You, or someone close to you, may need to pick up some basic cooking techniques! You may want to specialise in the culinary delights of another country or region or perhaps look to your health and lifestyle and find a new way to cook with ethically sourced produce - maybe even home grown!

Let us find you an expert who can help you with whichever level or style of cookery you are looking for perhaps in your own kitchen, or combined with a cultural tour to a favourite food region.

Discover how to plan menus, where to find specialist ingredients and match your wines to your food. Get together with friends and test the results of your hard work. With so many options, let us guide you through a bespoke programme to give you all the skills you need.

Potential Themes

  • Basic cooking techniques for beginners
  • Cookery around the world
  • Baking!

  • Cooking for family, friends and occasions
  • Cooking for recovery
  • Quick meals and budgeting

  • Ethical and organic 
  • Grow your own! 
  • The spice trail

Learn to cook

The proof is in the pudding!

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