"We all need illusions. That's why we love the movies." (Monica Bellucci)

Independent cinema, foreign language films, horror, comedy, documentaries, thrillers, vintage classics, cult films, action movies; there really is something for everyone.

Choose your favourite genre, or pick a theme - films about survival, love, subterfuge or psychological thrillers. Analyse and discuss cinematic movements, modern cinematography, heroes and anti heroes. Consider whether cinema is an art form and how films and our appreciation of them have changed over the years. Go back to the first film makers and the black and white, silent movies. Do these old classics still appeal in today's world of digital imaging and special effects? Have we lost where we have gained? 

Make your own films with the help of an expert. Master video star and keep up with the kids! Study film scripts and perhaps write your own.  Go to the cinema and then retire to a nearby cafe to review the film with others. 

Study the music of cinema - which of us does not love a movie soundtrack?! Which are your favourites? Meet the composers and find out how the most well known movie music came to be and the profound effect it has had on our collective psyche.  We all know how the da dah da dah da dah of our great white friend can make us feel! Think of how the portrayal of an animal or culture in a film can have a major impact on real life. Jaws did not do anything to help shark conservation.

The world of films and cinematography is boundless, go deep or simply sit back and enjoy the popcorn! 

Potential Themes

  • Film by genre
  • Cinematic movements
  • Film scripts and story boarding

  • Cinematography
  • Digital imaging and special effects
  • Make your own movies!

  • Film club
  • Movie music
  • Films around the world, a global phenomenon

Go to the movies!

Who are your movie heroes?

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