"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." (Aristotle)

Meet our new breed of practical philosophers who advocate the revival of the Aristotelian concept of Eudaimoniaor “doing well and living well” to find common values in our society and give meaning and purpose to the everyday challenges which we all face. 

Rethink your ideas about success and, far from deriding the Millennials’ pursuit of happiness and quality of life as selfish and weak, perhaps the question we should be asking is, what is driving this and whether individual “well-being” is really a means of delivering a more productive and effective workforce which, in turn, serves not only the individual, but the whole community?

Even if you agree in principle with the idea of a good life and well-being (why wouldn’t you?) that does not answer the more difficult question of how this is achieved. 

In the race to achieve the highest grades, earn the most money, achieve fame and fortune, have we lost sight of our wider role in society? Will a more community-based approach deliver greater fulfilment? Is there a common set of values we should all share or does the very idea of “teaching” character and virtue risk eroding the very corner stone of a traditional education – critical and independent thinking?

Is it time to rethink the idea that leading a good and virtuous life is fundamentally opposed to the modern concept of success and open your mind to the possibility that you simply cannot have one without the other? This might explain why the Government, the Civil Service, the National Health Service, the Prison Service, Schools, Universities, Economists and Business Leaders are putting these issues at the heart of their collective agenda. 

Whether you need to address personal mental-health issues, create a more productive and effective workforce, understand how a lack of purpose and common values can lead to radicalisation and disenfranchisement, teach your children to cope with life’s challenges or find greater meaning in your own life - go back to the teachings of the Ancient Greeks with the help of our inspirational modern philosophers who can help you to find small but important answers to some pretty big questions. 

Potential Themes

  • What does it mean to lead a good life?
  • How to improve your emotional intelligence, and why it matters
  • What is success?

  • How the ancients can answer life's difficult questions
  • How to flourish and lead a happy and productive life
  • How to build resilience and character - should we seek common values?

  • Is education a means to an end, or an end in itself?
  • How philosophy can deliver a more productive and effective work force
  • Is serving others the route to happiness?

Find the meaning of Life!

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