"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it." (Joseph Joubert 1754-1824)

Do you wish you were better at presenting your views? Would you like to improve your debating skills? Learn how to argue cogently and how to agree to disagree! Let our experts teach you how to have engaging and rigorous discussions without getting personal or falling out with your friends.  Learn how to persuade, use facts and evidence to support your opinions and how to structure your argument so that your point is neither lost in the heat of the moment nor diluted by a failure to move on if the discussion is going around in circles!

We live in a society in which we are lucky enough to have the privilege of free speech.  Yet many of us feel intimidated by those who do not necessarily have a stronger argument, nor a more convincing point of view, simply superior debating skills. Understand the value of listening and how to win the argument without bullying those with a different point of view. 

Do we have a responsibility to properly consider the moral and political questions facing all of us and, if so, do we need to learn how open our minds to the other side of the argument and the possibility that we may be wrong?!

Think of recent political debates, the outcomes of which affect us all, and the big issues facing our country. The importance of informed debate and the consideration of moral and ethical questions which must be explored before decisions are made can be undermined by poor arguments, misconceptions and bigotry.  

Learn how to build, analyse and deconstruct arguments. Develop the art of listening and persuasion and, ultimately, how to deliver your point of view with confidence.  Learn how to face challenges to your arguments and how to manage and respond amicably to those who challenge you!  Sometimes, compromise is the right outcome when there is no “right” answer. Debate should be constructive but all too often a combative, binary approach can frustrate an otherwise valuable tool for progress. 

Potential Themes

  • The Art of Persuasion. 
  • Opinion vs Fact  - an important distinction.
  • Analysis and critique - use these tools to build an effective response. 

  • Presentation, Delivery and Public Speaking.
  • The importance of objectivity and compromise.
  • Cofidence vs Arrogance!

  • Evidence and how to use it.
  • Avoiding the Echo-Chamber trap - how to listen!
  • Agree to disagree - the importance of not losing face.

Debate, Discuss, Discover!

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