"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." (Confucius)

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 1.2 billion people and China is the world's second largest economy. Learn to communicate informally or undertake a comprehensive academic programme. Join the largest speaking community in the world.

Study the teachings of Confucius or Buddha. Appreciate Chinese art, textiles, calligraphy and brush painting.  Discover the story behind the Chinese Terracotta Army which took nearly 40 years to build. Go on a journey with the Giant Panda and join the mission to save this beloved bear. 

Discover what your Chinese horoscope says about you, walk the Great Wall of China or visit the Forbidden City and do it all in Mandarin! 

One of the worlds oldest civilisations, few of us are not in possession of a Chinese artefact, however modern!  Get to know this extraordinary country and culture and join the growing population of Chinese speakers.

Potential Themes

  • Conversational Chinese
  • Chinese literature
  • Chinese food and cookery

  • Cultural tours
  • Chinese wildlife and conservation
  • Economics and politics in China

  • Chinese history
  • Ghengis Kahn and the mongol wars
  • Revolution!

Learn Mandarin

"What we think, we become" (Buddha)

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