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For a large organisation, our recommendation is to start with a trial programme of approximately 30-50 people (split across 6 groups of 5-8 people) to test the concept and obtain detailed feedback before rolling out to the wider organisation.  

Curious Vitae courses are bespoke and therefore overall costs vary according to the number of students and type, level and duration of courses required. 

For example, an “Introduction to Philosophy” course may be delivered relatively inexpensively by a PhD student whereas a more in-depth study for experienced philosophers or senior management may require a different tutor profile with different fees. 

We, therefore, provide detailed quotations once we have established the demand and curated the course. However, as a guide, we expect an average of £30-£50 per employee, per week of the course.   

Companies, employees or shared between the two.  Costs can be included as part of a wider matched learning or corporate employee benefits programme.

We recommend that tutorials take place on work premises and during office hours to maximise convenience and minimise costs, however, it is also possible to arrange tutorials before or after work, or even at lunchtime.

We arrange everything for you, allowing you and your employees to enjoy your adult learning experience. We also monitor course quality throughout with regular reviews for each tutor and course.

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