Sociable Learning is at the heart of personal and employee well-being; this is what Curious Vitae is all about. 

Busy jobs and hectic schedules can often end up dictating our lifestyle, with work and family commitments always at the forefront of our minds. So few of us have the time to sign up for evening classes and our intellectual curiosity takes a back seat. 

At Curious Vitae, our aim is to change this by making lifelong learning accessible, convenient and fun. The concept is simple.

Whether in a private setting or in the workplace, we bring together small groups of like-minded and curious people to connect, learn and understand. They are inspired and guided by a passionate expert and at a convenient time and place.

We call this Sociable Learning.

“Disinterested intellectual curiosity is the lifeblood of any civilization” - Trevelyan

Our demand led, tailor-made academic and lifestyle courses are ideally suited to the corporate environment and present a catalyst for change when it comes to investing in mental health, well-being and personal development of employees.  Our courses are designed to break down silos and help develop a more confident, creative, resilient and loyal workforce.

Take a moment to think about the subjects that interest you and make a list; this is your Curious Vitae.

Adult education has never been so accessible whatever your interests – from ancient history, art, politics and literature, through to learning the Italian language, creative writing or perhaps learning some simple magic tricks – we have tutors and courses tailored to your needs.

If you are curious to learn and are looking for innovative employee engagement and wellbeing courses, then get in touch. If you are looking for alternative activities to improve your mental health, then get in touch.

If you are a passionate expert, keen to share your knowledge whilst building your own business through the Curious Vitae network and platform, then get in touch; we want to hear from you.

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Tailor made and convenient Sociable Learning for curious people.