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Build your Curious Vitae

We create bespoke courses so we need to understand as much about you and your particular interests as possible.  

We ask you to create your own Curious Vitae by reviewing our course ideas and simply clicking "add to myCV" when you find a subject that interests you.  This tells us the broad subject that you would like to study and you can leave us to propose specific themes and courses.

If you already know which particular themes interest you such as "British History, War of the Roses" or "The Ancient Philosophers" or perhaps you have your own ideas, please add your own course title and comments on your myCV page. 

Choosing your level and style 

To help us match people with similar knowledge and experience please select a level from "Beginner", "Intermediate" or "Expert" in each chosen subject. As a guide, a "Beginner" might have no previous experience nor formal education in a particular subject whereas an "Expert" may be someone with a degree in that subject but wishes to extend their learning further. 

Add any further details around your preferred style of tutorial in the comments box provided.

Putting a group together

You may be part of a corporate programme, a group of friends or you may just be keen to meet like-minded people near to where you live or work.

If you are already part of a corporate programme or an established private group, simply choose these options.

If not, select "Just Me" and we will be in touch to discuss putting a group together!

What does it cost?

Whilst we aim to keep the costs as low as possible, Curious Vitae courses are bespoke so costs will vary according to the subject, level, style, duration and number of people attending. 

We will provide a detailed quotation for each course. 

Your Curious Vitae

Please take your time to explore our subject range and also to come up with your own ideas of what really interests you. 

This is your Curious Vitae to develop over your lifetime.  There is no rush and we hope it will become your lifelong learning plan for many years to come. 

Next Steps

Preparing the Course

We create small tutorial groups of 5-10 people and design an initial course profile to reflect the preferences of each group.  

We share the profile with our network and select the most appropriate tutor or partner to deliver the course.

We finalise the content, structure and timing of the course.

Course Begins

    Clients receive detailed course instructions including any (limited!) pre-course work and logistical arrangements.

    Tutorials last for 1-2 hours a week or fortnight with a few hours of self study at home or on the daily commute.

    Tutor support is available throughout the course and we manage the administration.


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