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Curious Vitae creates bespoke Sociable Learning courses. It is therefore important that we gather as much information as possible about you. We do this by asking you to build your own Curious Vitae on your myCV page.

Take your time and think about what you would really like to learn more about, review our courses but also inspire us with your own ideas.

Learning more about you

You will be asked to select a level from "beginner" through to "expert" to help us match people with similar knowledge, experience and goals for the course. Add further details of the type and style of course that would suit you.

Putting a group together

You may be part of an employee engagement programme or perhaps a group of friends or family who would like to do something different together. You may just be keen to meet like-minded people near to where you live or work.

If you are already part of a Corporate Programme or an established Private Group, simply choose these options.  If not, select "Just Me" and we will be in touch to discuss putting a group together.

What does it cost?

Whilst we aim to keep the costs as low as possible, Curious Vitae courses are bespoke and therefore overall costs vary according to the subject, level, style, duration and number of people attending. We will provide a detailed quotation for each course. 

Next Steps

Preparing the Course

  • We create small tutorial groups of 5 - 10 like-minded, curious people
  • We send a course outline to the most appropriate Approved Tutors in our network
  • We receive their proposals and with our support you select your preferred Tutor  
  • We act as agent for the Tutor and finalise the structure, commercial terms and logistics of the course

Course Begins

    • Students receive instructions and any (limited!) pre-course work
    • Tutorials tend to last 1 hour, once a week or fortnight. A course can be for any length of time
    • Tutors are available to support anyone who may miss a tutorial
    • We ask for regular feedback from both tutors and students to continuously improve our service

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